WQC Film Capacitors

Cirkit Electro Components Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Distributor for WQC Film Capacitors in India.

WeiQing capacitor manufacturer in 1983 originated in China Taiwan Taipei, our professional R & D are mainly on production of thin-film capacitor and electrolytic capacitor,by studing the German and Japanese enterprises to learn and learning their advanced technology and production methods. Now we concentrate on capacitors R & D, design and production, all products only sales abroad through foreign sales agents.

As the mainland’s market has opened to the outside world, from 1993, Wei Qing gradually moved the advanced production technology, automation equipment and testing instruments to Dongguan China. In order to better meet the needs of the world electronic products production base in the Pearl River Delta market, and make close coordination to achieve the development and production. In 2005, the entire R & D team of Wei Qing has been moved to the mainland in Dongguan from Taiwan .

  • Film Capacitors
  • Polyester Film Capacitor
  • Polypropylene Film Capacitor
  • Interference Suppression
  • Step-down Circuit Film Capacitor
  • AC Filter Capacitor

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    Cirkit Electro Components Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Distributor for IWQC Film Capacitors in India.

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