Cirkit Electro Components Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Distributor for KEXIN CO. LTD in India.

KEXIN Electronics as one of the innovator in SMD Electronics,supports the infrastructure of our electronic society by developing new electronic components and technologies. New quality electronic equipment begins with new quality components,and new quality components begin with new quality materials. When new features are in demand,we always go back to the very basics of searching for the most appropriate materials in order to provide the products and services of best quality. By sticking to this concept,KEXIN produced numerous new devices in the field of SMD (Surface Mount Devices).

SMD Packaging Division is the leader of China private enterprises to introduce semiconductor packaging equipment from USA, Japan and other countries to produce discrete semiconductor devices and passive devices. It has 28 fully automatic production lines with an annual output of about 10 billion pieces of SMD (diode, triode, integrated circuit, and capacitor) and other halogen-free and lead-free green products. What’s more, the company has many years of experience in the aspects of power MOSFET (MOSFET), radio frequency tube (RF) and driving power module (IC), and it breaks through the international monopoly to apply its products in several fields, including IT, digital, communications, illumination, security, and automotive electronics, etc.

  • Voltage Regulators ICs
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Comparators
  • Memory
  • Power Management ICs
  • Dual N-MOSFETS
  • Dual P-MOSFETS
  • ESD Protection Diodes & Arrays
  • High voltage transistor
  • Digital transistor
  • Darlington transistor
  • Rectifiers Diodes
  • Bridge Rectifiers
  • Fast Recovery Diodes
  • Switching Diodes
  • Band-Switching Diodes
  • Zener Diodes
  • ESD Protection Diodes & Arrays
  • LED Power Driver Modules
  • Lithium Battery Charge & Discharge Modules

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    Cirkit Electro Components Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Distributor for KEXIN CO. LTD in India.

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